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Comparative Study of Various Power Control Algorithms in WCDMA
Authors: Anjali Dadhich, Sandeep Agrawal

File Name: Anjali+Dadhich_Comparative+Study+of+Various+Power+Control+algorithms+in+WCDMA.pdf
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MIMO-OFDM System for Improved Diversity Using STBC
Authors: Dilip Patel, M. Chiranjeevi

File Name: Dilip+PATEL_MMO+OFDM+system+for+improved+diversity+using+STBC.pdf
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Congestion Management Simulation & Comparison of CSFQ, RED & FRED Active Scheduling (Queuing) Techniques
Authors: Nidhi Malhotra, Prof. Anil kumar Sharma

File Name: Nidhi+Malhotra_Congestion+Management+Simulation+%26+Comparison+of+CSFQ%2C+RED+%26+FRED+Active+Scheduling+%28Queuing%29+Techniques.pdf
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Active Scheduling (Queuing) Algorithm in Congestion Management - A review
Authors: Nidhi Malhotra Prof. Anil kumar Sharma

File Name: Nidhi+Malhotra_Active+Scheduling+%28Queuing%29+Algorithms+in+Congestion+Management-+a+Review.pdf
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Area Optimized S-Box Architecture for Advance Encryption Standards
Authors: Nimmi Gupt, Tarun Verma

File Name: Nimmi+Gupta_Area+optimized+S-BOX+Architecture+for+Advance+Encryption+Standards.pdf
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Performance Analysis of Single and Multi machine Systems over the Infinite bus with STATCOM
Authors: Shakuntala Sahu, Amit Shrivastava

File Name: Shakuntala+Sahu_Performance+Analysis+of+Single+and+Multi+machine+Systems+over+the+Infinite+bus+with+STATCOM.pdf
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An Optimized Mapping Strategy for Parallel Image Processing
Authors: Vithika Goyal, C. S. Lamba

File Name: Vithika+Goyal_An+Optimized+Mapping+Strategy+for+Parallel+Image+Processing.pdf
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A Concatenated Companding and SLM Technique for PAPR Reduction
Authors: Pankaj Shrotriya, Deepak Sant

File Name: Pankaj+Shrotriya_+A+Concatenated+Companding+and+SLM+Technique+for+PAPR+Reduction.pdf
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