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A Review on Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques
Authors: Minakshi Verma, Yashwant Kashyap

File Name: Minakshi+verma_A+Review+on+Maximum+Power+Point+Tracking+Techniques.pdf
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Cluster Based Routing Algorithm to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Security in Multicast Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors: Heena Khan, Rakesh Sharma

File Name: Heena+Khan_Cluster+Based+Routing+Algorithm+to+Enhance+Energy+Efficiency+and+Security+in+Multicast+Ad-Hoc+Networks.pdf
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Autonomic Computing Characteristics of Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Rajani Narayan, Dr. B. P. Mallikarjunaswamy, M. C. Supriya

File Name: Rajni_Autonomic+Computing+Characteristics+of+Wireless+Sensor+Networks.pdf
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Implementation of Active Harmonic Filter with MATLAB/Simulink Non-Linear Loads
Authors: Smt. Smita Singhai, Prof. Bharti Dewani

File Name: Smita_Singhai_Implementation_of_Active_Harmonic_Filter_with_MATLAB-Simulink_to_compensate_Non-Linear_Loads.pdf
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