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Software Fault Prediction Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Feed Forward Neural Network
Authors: Kriti Purswani, PankajDalal, Dr. AvinashPanwar, KushagraDashora

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A Survey on Phasor Measurement Unit For Power System
Authors: Ruchi Verma, Balram Timande

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Low Voltage Distribution Feeder Load Estimation Based on a Practical GIS-Based Method
Authors: Shahrokh Shojaeian, Vahid Mottaghi

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Implementation of Radix-2 Montgomery Multiplier in VHDL
Authors: Jaya Bansal, Jagdish Nagar

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A Cluster Centres Initialization Method for Clustering Categorical Data Using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Kusha Bhatt, Prof. Pankaj Dalal, Prof Avinash Panwar

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A Comprehensive review of cpntemporary BIST Architecture Techniques
Authors: Miss. Shradha Khemka, Mr. Lalit Bandil, Mr. Manish Sharma

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