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Transmit Diversity Scheme for Alamouti Space Time Block Codes
Authors: Arti Yadav

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Performance Analysis of Acoustic Signal in OFDM Using FEC Codes
Authors: Firoz Ahmed Mansuri, Saurabh Gaur

File Name: Firoz.pdf
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Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Perturb & Observe Algorithm and Compare With another Algorithm
Authors: UmaShankar Patel, Ms. Dhaneshwari Sahu, Deepkiran Tirkey,

File Name: DhaneshwariSahu_paper.pdf
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Soft Starting Wind Mill Poly Phase Induction Generator with Grid
Authors: Sanjay Mishra, Prof. Subrata Debdas

File Name: Sanjay+Mishra_paper.pdf
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Built-In-Self Test for Embedded Memories by Finite State Machine
Authors: Swati Singh, Dr. UBS Chandrawat

File Name: Swati+singh_paper.pdf
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BER and PAPR Analysis of OFDM for Various Level of Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
Authors: Manish Singh, Sandeep Agrawal

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