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Review on Various Methods for ECG Signal Denoising
Authors: Madhvi Dasondhi, Virendra K Verma

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Particle Swarm Optimized Selective Mapping for PAPR Reduction
Authors: Shashikant Ray, Ms. Kiran Rathi

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A Review on Cluster based Routing Protocols in MANET
Authors: Joyet Kumar, Arnab Chakraborty

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A Novel Method for Cluster Analysis in Data Mining using Improved Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
Authors: Swapnil Jain, Mrs. Shraddha Kumar

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A Review of Automated Profile Cutting Machine Using PLC
Authors: Shashi Sahu, Satya Kumar Behera, Amar Kumar Dey

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Review of System On- Chip Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) Bus Protocol
Authors: Dr. K.C. Mahajan, Mukesh K Yadav

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