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A Review on the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Anjali Khandegar

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Polynomial Based Mastrovito Multipliers for FFT Applications for Secure Data Encryption and Decryption
Authors: Swarnim Baghel, Sunil Shah

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Simulation and Performance Analysis Two Area Four Machine System Power Stabilization Using PID-PSS
Authors: Lumesh Kumar Sahu, Ankit Dubey, Shailesh M. Deshmukh

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Literature Review on FIR Filter Optimization
Authors: Nidhi Mishra, Nitin Jain

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A Survey: Image Matching
Authors: Preeti Mandle, Vibha Shaligram

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Evaluating Path Loss Models for E-Band Communication
Authors: Prakash Yadav, Mohit Pant

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