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Algorithm for Grading a Computer Program using the Inverse Function
Authors: Harendra Kumar, Shivraj Sharma, Suneel Kumar

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A Novel Approach for Phishing URLs Detection using Na´ve Bayes, Neural Network and Random Forest Classifiers
Authors: Gangeshwari Sharma, Abhishek Tiwari

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Review on Global Planning of Fourth Generation (4G) Mobile Networks
Authors: Surbhi Vyas, Pankaj Rathi

File Name: Surbhi_50300-16-132.pdf
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Spectrum Sensing Framework in Cognitive Radio using GA and Grey Wolf Optimization
Authors: Shruti Sharma, Rahul Gedam

File Name: Shruti_50400-16-121.pdf
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Comparative Analysis of Energy Detection, Eigenvalue Detection and PSO Optimized Singular Value Detection Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Vivek Baghel, Dr. M. R. Khan

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Transmission Line Fault Detection and Classification using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Manish Khandelwal, Amit Solanki

File Name: Manish_50200-16-125.pdf
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Adaptive L-LEACH Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Namrata Bhagat, Praneeja Kasture

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