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A Review of Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Environment
Authors: Pallavi Garg, Shiva Bhatnagar

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Performance Evaluation of Energy Detection based Blind Spectrum Sensing
Authors: Pragya Lodhi, Shivangini Saxena

File Name: Pragya_50900-17-101.pdf
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BER Performance of WiMAX System using Discrete Cosine Transform
Authors: Sheena S Mary, Rahul Gedam

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BER Evaluation of OFDM under Multipath Fading using SVD and MMSE
Authors: Surbhi Vyas, Pankaj Rathi

File Name: Surbhi_51000-17-204.pdf
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BER Performance of Alamouti STBC and Precoded Alamouti in ZF and MMSE Equalization Techniques
Authors: Rupinder Roop, Pallavi Chandel

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