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Comparative Analysis of GA and PSO Optimization for Power System Stability Parameters
Authors: Atul M. Gajare, Dr. R. P. Singh

File Name: Atul_50600-17-104.pdf
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SVD Based Signal Detection using Cultural Algorithm for Spectrum Sensing
Authors: Pallavi Garg, Shiva Bhatnagar

File Name: Pallavi_51100-17-103.pdf
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Relay based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network using Coherence based Detector
Authors: Bharti Chouhan, Pankaj Rathi

File Name: Bharti_50900-17-104.pdf
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PAPR Reduction using PTS, Companding and Cultural Algorithm
Authors: Komal Choudhary, Deepak Sawle

File Name: Komal_51100-17-104.pdf
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Cognitive Radio Engine Design using Adaptive Multi-Objective GA and PSO
Authors: Salina Mansuri, Pratibha Nagaich

File Name: Salina_51100-17-108.pdf
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