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Palmprint Recognition using Hybrid Features with Gabor Wavelet, Wavelet Moments and Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Jahnvi Thahirani, Rohitashva Jajoo

File Name: Jahnvi_70100-18-101.pdf
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A Novel Hybrid Relaying Approach in Cooperative Communication
Authors: Vishita Chouhan, Praveen Patidar

File Name: Vishita_70100-18-103.pdf
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A Novel Approach of Character Recognition using Local Binary Pattern and SVM Classifier
Authors: Alka Kumari, Nirupama Tiwari

File Name: Alka_70100-18-102.pdf
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Area Efficient AES SBOX Architecture
Authors: Swati Kukde

File Name: Swati_70100-18-106.pdf
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Cyberspace Security: An Epidemic in Identity Theft
Authors: Sudhirkumar Jagadishbhai Patel, Dr. Chandikaditya Kumawat

File Name: Sudhir_70200-18-102.pdf
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