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Area Efficient Design of Five Stage Pipelined RISC Processor
Authors: Shahnawaz Khan, Prabhat Pandey

File Name: Shahnawaz_70200-18-101.pdf
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Improvement on Power Transformer Protection using MATLAB Simulink and Fuzzy Logic
Authors: Lakhvinder Singh, Preeti Khurana

File Name: Lakhvinder_70100-18-104.pdf
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Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Controlling Techniques for Stand Alone PV System
Authors: Gursimranjit Singh, Lakhvinder Singh

File Name: Gursimranjit_70100-18-105.pdf
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AF-DF and MRC based Hybrid Relay Selection for Cooperative Communication
Authors: Nitesh Tyagi, Shivangini Morya

File Name: Nitesh_70200-18-104.pdf
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Phishing URL Detection using Cuckoo Search Optimized Neural Network Classifier
Authors: Varsha Patel, Ashish Tiwari

File Name: Varsha_70200-18-103.pdf
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