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De-noising of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Filter-A Review
Authors: Pallavi Kunjekar, Khemraj Desmukh

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A Novel Arbitration Technique of AMBA AHB
Authors: Pallavi Kumari Gautam, Naveen Upadhyay

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Brain Tumor Detection of MRI Image using Level Set Segmentation and Morphological Operations
Authors: Swati Dubey, Lakhwinder Kaur

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Series Active Power Filter For Three Phase Diode Rectifier
Authors: Pramod Banjare, Mr. Dushyant Singh

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Improved Fuzzy C Means Clustering For Complete Blood Cell Segmentation
Authors: Neha Vyas, Mrs. Megha Singh

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Optimization of Stable Election Protocol through Genetic Algorithm & Particle Swarm Optimization in clustered wireless sensor network
Authors: Khushboo Pawar

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Comparative Study of Various Power Control algorithms in WCDMA
Authors: Sandeep Solanki, Sumit Tomar, Siddhant Soni

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Truck Trailer Backer Upper Parking with Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Lalit Shrivastava, Shubham Singhal

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Efficient BIST architecture for combinational and sequential faulty circuits
Authors: Ankita Tripathi, A.P RAO,

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Fabrication & Measurement of Characteristics and Stability of Solar Cell with Pomegranate
Authors: Gajender Singh, Dr. Y.B.Mathur, Rahul Kumar

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