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Review on Diagnosis of Electricity Transmission lines using Detection, Classification and Localization of Defects
Authors: Nilish S.Wani, Dr. R. P. Singh

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A Review on Analysis and Processing of Electrocardiographic Signal (ECG)
Authors: Dinesh D. Patil, Dr. R. P. Singh

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An Efficient Diversity Achievement by Opportunistic Relaying in Amplify and Decode and Forward Using ZF and MMSE Equalizers
Authors: Manish Sahajwani, Dr. Alok Jain, Dr. R. S. Gamad

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A Novel Method for Face Recognition and Facial Expression Identification using PCA, Neural Network and Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Sanjay Kumar Natvarsinh Solanki, Kuntal Barua, Khushboo Sawant

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Performance Improvement of Block Diagonalization Precoding for Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) System using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Utsava Khare, Megha Gupta

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Area Optimized Implementation of AMBA based Memory Controller in VHDL
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Anshul Soni, Ashish Chouhan

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