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Features Based Comparison and Evaluation of E-learning Platform in Academic Environment
Abstract: The robust implementation of new information and communication technology (ICT), widespread of internet technology and its application in education has improved the students and teachers in their teaching and learning process. E-learning platform is a technological based learning platform where massive ICT and internet is used. A number of educational institutions throughout the globe are using E-learning platform to deliver and manage their teaching and learning process.

Authors: Hitesh Choudhury, Dr. Guruprasad Khataniar

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Smart Toll Rate determination in Real Time system
Abstract: The paper discusses to some difficulties of worldwide applications in electronic toll collection systems for highways an expressways. The public or private road for which toll is certain for the way is called toll road. The toll rate charged for the usage of services such as a tunnel or a bridge is usually relative to the number of axles controlled by a vehicle.

Authors: Preetam Singh Chouhan, Gyan Chand Yadav, Rahul Kumar

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A Review on Power System Stability in FACT Devices
Abstract: One of the major problems in power system operation is related to small signal instability caused by insufficient damping in the system. The most effective way of countering this instability is to use auxiliary controllers called Power System Stabilizers, to produce additional damping in the system.

Authors: Alka Dewangan, Ashish Sahu

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Study of Clustering Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is collection of Sensors. Sensor nodes gather the sensory information and communicating with other nodes in networks. Key Challenges in WSN is saving energy and extend the network life time. Many routing protocol are used to manage the data transference in Wireless Sensor Network. LEACH, SEP, PEGASIS, DEEC, DDEEC, and EDEEC are routing protocol.

Authors: Priyanka Mandloi

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Single Machine Infinite Bus System using GA and PSO
Abstract: With the growth of interconnected power systems and particularly the deregulation of the industry, difficulties related to low frequency oscillation have been widely reported, together with major incidents. As the most economical damping controller, power system stabilizer (PSS) has been widely used to suppress the low frequency oscillation and enhance the system dynamic stability.

Authors: Garima Maheshwari, Nandkishore Meena

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Simulation of Wind Turbine System and Performance Evolution of PMSG using MATLAB
Abstract: In this paper we are making a model control of direct driven 2 MW wind turbine permanent magnetic synchronous generator (PMSG) which feeds alternating current (AC) power to the utility grid. The machine side converter is used to extract maximum power from the wind, and also WECS is done by using a constant speed direct-driven wind turbine in MATLAB.

Authors: Vishu Choudhary, Aakash Jain

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