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An Improved Approach of UART Implementation in VHDL using Status Register
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel approach of status register along with 8 bit UART, to overcome testability and data integrity. The complete design is implemented in VHDL and simulated throughout in Modelsim, synthesis is carried out using Xilinx ISE 14.5. The IP core is implemented on FPGA device xc4vfx20-10ff672.

Authors: Abhay Malviya, Vijay Kumar Sharma

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A Novel Approach of LLR based Relay Selection Algorithm for Cooperative Communication
Abstract: As wireless communication turns out to be more common, the interest for higher rates of data transfer and continuous availability is expanding. Future wireless systems are provisioned to be very heterogeneous and interconnected. Wireless ad hoc networks are rising for an extensive variety of new applications. Moreover, substructure based broadband wireless frameworks are extending to fulfil demand for service quality with abundant coverage.

Authors: Sudheer Shukla, Jaya Dipti Lal, S. V. Charhate

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Performance Comparison of a Software Fault Prediction System using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Approach and a Hybrid Technique (Combination of Fuzzy C-Means and Particle Swarm Optimization)
Abstract: Early detection of fault prone software components enables verification experts to concentrate their time and resources on the problem areas of the software systems under development. In this paper, performance comparison of a Software Fault Prediction System using Fuzzy c-means clustering approach and a hybrid technique (Combination of Fuzzy c-means and Particle Swarm Optimization) a has been performed with the real time data set named PC1, taken from NASA MDP software projects.

Authors: Dazy Arya, Mr. Aishwary Kulshrestha

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VHDL Implementation of BIST Enabled UART
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel approach of Linear Feedback Shift Resister (LFSR) for Built-in-self-test (BIST) along with 8 bit UART, to overcome testability and data integrity. The complete design is implemented in VHDL and simulated throughout in Modelsim, synthesis is carried out in Xilinx 14.1.

Authors: Manisha Golia, Asst. Prof. Sunil Shukla, Prof. H. R. Singh

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Multi- Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MCCDMA): A Review
Abstract: Code-division multiple access (CDMA) schemes have been considered as attractive multiple access schemes in both second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) wireless systems. The evolution from 2G to 3G corresponds to adapting a new air interface i.e. change of focus from voice to multimedia. MC-CDMA scheme has become a promising access technique for 4G air interface.

Authors: Prachi Agarwal, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

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Intrusion Detection System based on Particle Swarm Optimized Neural Network
Abstract: This paper presents the performance of Neural Network for various values of number of clusters, based on experiments. The optimization of output is done using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) by selecting initial through PSO. Particle Swarm Optimization is used to optimize the output of our system, by appropriate selecting the input parameters through PSO. In this paper, an algorithm based on the Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Network for analyzing program behaviour in intrusion detection is evaluated by experiments.

Authors: Priyanka Pawar, Damodar Tiwari

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A Hybrid DWT, PCA and ICA Features for Face Recognition using Neural Network and k-NN Classifiers
Abstract: Face recognition is one of the most relevant applications of image analysis. It is a relevant subject in pattern recognition, computer graphics, image processing neural networks and psychology. Face recognition depends on the particular choice of features used by the classifier for that purpose we are using three different technologies i.e. PCA, ICA and Neural Network in which Neural Network is working as a good classifier.

Authors: Mohammad Shakir, Manish Saxena

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Brain Tumor Detection using Level Set Segmentation
Abstract: In medical image investigation, one of the essential problems is segmentation of structural sections. This paper presents a novel concept of tumor detection and also validated segmentation of 2D MRI Data. This method on the appropriate setting of parameters can segment the tumor. This method unlike others does not require any initialization in the tumor. Also the effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by quantitative evaluations and visualization of the segmentation results.

Authors: Vaibhav singhai, Mrs. Shraddha Bansal

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RTL Implementation of AXI Interface for Memory Controller

Authors: Dr. K.C. Mahajan, Mukesh K Yadav

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