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Performance Analysis of OFDM System in Multipath Fading Environment
Abstract: A detailed study of the OFDM technique is developed in this paper, followed by a general overview of the systems used to implement it. To support these studies, several systems were simulated modeled under MATLAB. The systems produced are versatile and can be used to study the performance that results from the variation of a large number of parameters. These variations can be used to improve or optimize the performance of the system within a given framework. The simulation developed can thus be a valuable tool for the research, design, and development of OFDM systems

Authors: Kratika Gupta, Pratibha Nagaich

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PAPR Reduction using Hybridization of Weighted-OFDM and PTS
Abstract: OFDM is successfully used in many wireless digital communication system over multipath channels. One of the principal disadvantages of OFDM is the occurrence of high PAPR. OFDM signals are very sensitive to nonlinear effects due to the high PAPR, which leads to the power inefficiency in the RF section of the transmitter. This paper is focused on analyzing PAPR reduction by undertaking the hybridization of Weighted-OFDM and PTS (Partial Transmit Sequence). Performance evaluation is done using PAPR vs. CCDF graph

Authors: Garima Tare, Mahesh Gaud

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Threshold Determination of SC-FDMA System using Resource Allocation
Abstract: Communication signals over power-line channels can be affected greatly by impulsive noise (IN). The effect of this noise is commonly reduced with the application of a nonlinear preprocessor at the receiver such as blanking or clipping that blanks and/or clips the received signal when it exceeds a certain threshold. Erroneous blanking/clipping of the unaffected signals can lead to significant performance degradations. It is found that determining the optimal blanking/clipping threshold is the key to achieving best performance. In contrast to these studies, we show in this paper that the performance of the nonlinear preprocessing-based method is impacted by the blanking threshold. In light of this and for more efficient IN cancellation, this paper proposes single-carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA)

Authors: Anjali Gupta, Shivangini Maurya

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Performance Evaluation of Alamouti STBC over Rayleigh, Rician and Nakagami Fading Channels
Abstract: Alamouti code is a simple space-time code that can be used for transmit diversity systems. This is a class of easily decoded space-time codes that achieve full diversity order in Rayleigh fading channels. Alamouti exist only for certain numbers of transmit antennas and do not provide array gain like diversity techniques that exploit transmit channel information. When channel state information (CSI) is available at the transmitter, though, the space-time codeword can be used to support different numbers of transmit antennas. The objective of this paper is to design a method for comparison of bit error rate (BER) performance of Alamouti STBC over Rayleigh, Rician and Nakagami fading channels for BPSK and QPSK modulation techniques.

Authors: Vaishalee Kumawat, Pallavi Pahadiya

File Name: Vaishalee_51200-17-104.pdf
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Reconfiguration and Capacitor Allocation in Distribution Systems to Reduce Power Losses and Improve Voltage Profiles using Ant lion Algorithm
Abstract: Distribution networks are widest part of electrical grids. Due to low voltage and large expansion, the most of electric energy losses is related to these networks. Reconfiguration and capacitor placement are used in distribution networks, mainly to reduce power loss and improve voltage profile. In this paper, the optimal size and location of capacitors along with reconfiguration is investigated in IEEE 33-bus and 69-bus standard distribution systems. The purpose of optimization is power loss reduction and voltage profile improvement while satisfying radial network and power quality and practical constraints. Ant Lion optimizer (ALO) algorithm is used for this purpose. The obtained results show impact of these two methods and ALO algorithm in improving the system performance.

Authors: Maryam Shokouhi, Shahrokh Shojaeian, Mehri Lotfi

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Abstract: The Antenna is a device which radiates or receives electromagnetic wave. The single input single output antenna has very low capacity and poor data rate which is overcome by Multiple input multiple output technology. The MIMO technology enables the higher data rate with great enhancement in capacity of the system. In this report the design process that covers the simulation of calculation process and analysis part using the development of microprint antenna with the computer simulation technology. Designed two element triangular shaped MIMO antenna for single band produced better isolation characteristics. The research in this thesis provides achievement of high isolation using triangular shaped slotted structure in MIMO system. This antenna is constructed using FR4 substrate. After simulation with CST software the performance of the proposed antenna is investigated. The proposed antenna result produces -22 dB of return loss at 5.9 GHz resonant frequency. The isolation is more than 15 dB found in the entire frequency band (5.8 to 6.0 GHz). The ECC is found 0.0006 and gain 1.23 dBi at resonant frequency.

Authors: Apurva Choudhary, Ms. Shivangini Morya

File Name: Apurva_51200-17-106.pdf
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