Area Efficient Design of Five Stage Pipelined RISC Processor
Abstract: This paper proposes the design of a 32 bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor. The design helps to improve the speed of the processor and to give the higher performance of the processor. It has 5 stages of pipeline viz. instruction fetch, instruction decode, instruction execute, memory access and write back all in one clock cycle. The control unit controls the operations performed in these stages. All the modules in the design are coded in VHDL.

Authors: Shahnawaz Khan, Prabhat Pandey

File Name: Shahnawaz_70200-18-101.pdf
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Improvement on Power Transformer Protection using MATLAB Simulink and Fuzzy Logic
Abstract: Harmonics are a topic of growing interest due to the many and varied effects they cause in electrical distribution networks especially in power transformer. Harmonics also cause an imbalance between power generation and load to be served, interference with measurement, protection, control and which further generate magnetizing transient current (sometimes known as inrush current) in power transfer equipment like a power transformer. Since there are many protection methods used for the transformer against inrush current nowadays. But In this paper, a brand new algorithmic rule supported fuzzy set is proposed. This algorithmic rule consists of considering the magnitude relation and therefore the distinction phase angle of the second harmonic to the basic element of differential currents beneath varied conditions. These 2 protection functions are computed and therefore the protecting system operates in less than one cycle subjected to the prevalence of disturbance. A brand new relaying algorithmic rule is employed to reinforce the fault detection sensitivities of typical techniques by employing a formal logic approach.

Authors: Lakhvinder Singh, Preeti Khurana

File Name: Lakhvinder_70100-18-104.pdf
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Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Controlling Techniques for Stand Alone PV System

Authors: Gursimranjit Singh, Lakhvinder Singh

File Name: Gursimranjit_70100-18-105.pdf
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