Comparative Analysis of GA and PSO Optimization for Power System Stability Parameters
Abstract: The designing of power transmission network is a difficult task due to the complexity of power system. Due to the complexity of the power system, there is always a loss of the stability due to the fault. Whenever a fault is intercepted in the system, the whole system goes to severe transients. These transients cause oscillation in phase angle which leads poor power quality. The nature of oscillation is increasing instead of being sustained, which leads system failure in form of generator damage. To reduce and eliminate the unstable oscillations one needs to use a stabilizer which can generate a perfect compensatory signal in order to minimize the harmonics generated due to instability. This paper presents a Power System stabilizer to reduce oscillations due to small signal disturbance. We also applied Genetic algorithm (GA) and Particle swarm optimization (PSO) for the parameter tuning of the stabilizer. The reason behind the use of GA and PSO instead of conventional methods is that it searches the parameter heuristically, which leads better results. The effectiveness of proposed stabilizers for suppressing oscillation due to change in mechanical input and excitation is examined by investigating their change in rotor angle and power angle deviation in the SMIB system.

Authors: Atul M. Gajare, Dr. R. P. Singh

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