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A VHDL Implementation of JPEG Encoder for Image Compression
Authors: Durga Patidar, Prof. Jaikaran Singh, Prof. Mukesh Tiwari

File Name: Durga+Patidar_A+VHDL+Implementation+of+Voice+Morphing+using+FFT.pdf
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A VHDL Implementation of Voice Morphing using FFT
Authors: Palak Chawda, Prof. Jaikaran Singh, Prof.Mukesh Tiwari

File Name: Palak+Chawda_A+VHDL+Implementation+of+Voice+Morphing+using+FFT.pdf
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Low Complexity Sphere Decoding for V-BLAST Spatial Multiplexing MIMO
Authors: Abhishek jain, Angita Hirwe, Rupesh Dubey

File Name: abhishek+jain_Low+Complexity+Sphere+Decoding+for+V-BLAST+Spatial+Multiplexing+MIMO.pdf
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An amend Implementation on LEACH Protocol based on Modify Energy Hierarchy
Authors: Krishna Gopal Vijayvargiya, Vishal Shrivastava

File Name: Krishna+Gopal_An+amend+Implementation+on+LEACH+Protocol+based+on+Modify+Energy+Hierarchy.pdf
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Transmit Diversity Tradeoff between Spectral Efficiency in Spatial Modulation-STBC with ZF, MMSE, and Sphere Decoder
Authors: Aniket Kulshrestha, Vinit Shrivastava, Rinkoo Bhatia

File Name: Aniket+Kulshrestha_.pdf
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Character Recognition using Back Propagation Neural Network
Authors: Roopali Gupta, Prof. Neeraj Shukla

File Name: Roopali+Gupta_Character+Recognition+using+Back+Propagation+Neural+Network.pdf
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Performance Analysis of Spatial Modulation- Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding
Authors: Sailesh Dubey, Vinit Shrivastava, Rinkoo Bhatia

File Name: Sailesh+Dubey_Performance+Analysis+of+Spatial+Modulation-+Orthogonal+Space-Time+Block+Coding.pdf
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Area Efficient WiMAX Interleaver using FSM
Authors: Shilpa Marathe, Zahid Alam

File Name: Shilpa+Marathe_Area+Efficient+WiMAX+Interleaver+using+FSM.pdf
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Complexity analysis in WCDMA using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Sanjeev Gupta, Harsh Goud, Rupesh Dubey

File Name: Sanjeev+gupta_Complexity+analysis+in+WCDMA+using+Genetic+Algorithm.pdf
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Area Optimized 32-Bit Pipeline RISC Processor in VHDL
Authors: Swati Joshi, Puran Gour

File Name: Swati+Joshi_Area+Optimized+32-+Bit+Pipeline+RISC+Processor+in+VHDL.pdf
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