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A Comparative Study of Equalization Techniques for MIMO Systems
Authors: Abhishek Rawat

File Name: Abhishek_Rawat_paper.pdf
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Low complex architecture for AHB-APB interface to DMA controller using Verilog
Authors: Ankita Sharma, R.H. Talwekar

File Name: Ankita+Sharma_AHB_DMA.pdf
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An Efficient Phase Vocoder Algorithm of Voice Morphing using VHDL
Authors: Rameshwari Tarunkar, Balram Timande

File Name: An+Efficient+Phase+Vocoder+Algorithm+of+Voice+Morphing+using+VHDL.pdf
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Particle Swarm Optimized Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for WSN
Authors: Afroz Mansoori

File Name: Afroz_Mansoori_paper.pdf
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Speaker Verification System Using Gaussian Mixture Model & UBM
Authors: Mamta saraswat tiwari, Piyush Lotia

File Name: Speaker+Verification+System+Using+Gaussian+Mixture+Model+%26+UBM.pdf
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Fuzzy Logic Based Digital Pre-distorter to Linearize Power Amplifier for QAM Signals
Authors: Sugandha Khare, Bhagwan Swaroop Sharma

File Name: Fuzzy+Logic+Based+Digital+Pre-distorter+to+Linearize+Power+Amplifier+for+QAM+Signals.pdf
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A Novel Approach for SLM Based PAPR Reduction using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Lokendra Vishwkarma, Prof. Jai karan Singh

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Optimized SVD Signal Detector for Cognitive Radio System
Authors: Pradeep Paliwal, Deepak Sant

File Name: Optimized+SVD+Signal+Detector+for+Cognitive+Radio+System.pdf
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