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Performance Analysis of Genetic Algorithm Over Supply Chain Management
Authors: Kamlesh Prajapat, S. S. Chouhan

File Name: Kamlesh+Prajapat_Performance+Analysis+of+Genetic+Algorithm+over+Supply+Chain+Management.pdf
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Performance Analysis of RAKE Receiver for Ultra Wide- Band Bandwidth
Authors: Ankur Purohit, Mrs B. Harita

File Name: Ankur+Purohit_Performance+Analysis+of+RAKE+Architecture+in+Ultra-Band+Technology.pdf
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Key Reconfiguration in Des Algorithm
Authors: Khemraj Deshmukh, Prof. Vishal Moyal

File Name: Khemraj+Deshmukh_Key+Reconfiguration+in+Des+Algorithm.pdf
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Performance Analysis of S-Box using GF Arithmetic for AES
Authors: Akanksha Shukla, Satyendra Sharma

File Name: Akanksha+shukla_noida_Performance+Analysis+of+S-Box+using+GF+Arithmetic+for+AES.pdf
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Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition System Using Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Fuzzy Guassian Mixture Models
Authors: Neha Gupta

File Name: ang.pdf
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A Fast and Efficient Genetic Algorithm to Solve 0-1 Knapsack Problem
Authors: Megha Gupta

File Name: Megha+Gupta_A+Fast+and+Efficient+Genetic+Algorithm+to+Solve+0-1+Knapsack+Problem.pdf
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Alpha-Numeric Character Recognition using Back Propagation Neural Network
Authors: Mrs. Roopali Gupta

File Name: Roopali+Gupta+Alpha-numeric+character+recognition+using+back+propagation+neural+network.pdf
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Performance Improvement of OFDM System by PAPR Reduction
Authors: Sandeep Singh Bhadoria

File Name: Sandeep+Bhadoriya_Performance+Improvement+of+Ofdm+System+by+PAPR+reduction.pdf
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Secure & Impregnable Cluster Based Efficient Routing Scheme for MANET
Authors: Prakesh Patel

File Name: Prakash+Patel+AODV.pdf
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Fuzzy Based Model Adaptive Reference Controller for Nonlinear System
Authors: Swati Mohore, Dr. Mrs. Shailja Shukla

File Name: Swati+Mohore_Fuzzy+Based+Model+Adaptive+Reference+Controller.pdf
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Principal Component Analysis Based Face Recognition System Using Fuzzy C-means Clustering Classifier
Authors: Vivek Banerjee, Prof. Prashant Jain

File Name: Vivek+Banreji_Principal+Component+Analysis+Based+Face+Recognition+System+Using+Fuzzy+C-means+Clustering+Classifier.pdf
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Multi-Scale Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Linear Tracking Method
Authors: Prof Y. Kelkar, Imran Khan

File Name: imran_Multi-Scale+Segmentation+of+Retinal+Blood+Vessels+based+on+Linear+Tracking+Method.pdf
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Performance Analysis of OFDM under DWT, DTC based Image Processing
Authors: Anshul Soni, Ashok Chandra Tiwari

File Name: Anshul+soni_Image+Processing+in+OFDM.pdf
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Transmit Diversity Using Various STBC Coding for MIMO System
Authors: Ankit Pandit, K. K. Sharma

File Name: Ankit+Pandit_Transmit+Diversity+using+Various+STBC+Coding+for+MIMO+Systems.pdf
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Study of Higher Order Statistics in Rayleigh Fading Channel
Authors: Nasiba Mandal, Anjana Jain, Shekhar Sharma

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An Efficient Brain Tumor Detection System using Fuzzy Clustering & Neural Network
Authors: Kanika Khurana, Dr. C. S. Lambha

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A VHDL Implementation of Genetic Processor for Random Process Optimization
Authors: Sachin Rai, Awadhesh K. G. Kandu

File Name: Sachin_A+VHDL+Implementation+of+Genetic+Processor+for+Random+Process+Optimization.pdf
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Performance Analysis of GA and PSO over Economic Load Dispatch Problem
Authors: Sakshi Rajpoot, Dr. Sandeep Bhongade

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Programmable FSM based MBIST Architecture
Authors: Sonal Sharma, Vishal Moyal

File Name: Sonal+Sharma_Programmable+FSM+based+MBIST+Architecture.pdf
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Face Recognition System- A Survey and a New Approach
Authors: Vivek Banerjee, Prof. Prashant Jain

File Name: Vevek+Banerjee_Face+Recognition+System-+A+Survey+and+a+New+Approach.pdf
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