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Enhanced Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering (EDEEC) based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors: Bibhav Kumar Mishra, Ajay Singh Dhabariya, Arvind Jain

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Comparative Analysis of Performance of WMV & MPEG formats Video Streaming in a Cloud
Authors: *Dinesh Goyal, Dr. Naveen Hemrajani, Rajendra Gurjar

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Process of Voltage Mitigation by UPFC
Authors: Abhishek Kumar Sahu, Om Prakash Verma, Rajkumar Jhapte

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SAR Image Compression using Forward Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Coupled with SPIHT Algorithm
Authors: S.N. Rathnam, V. N. V. Sathya Prakash

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Low Power and High Speed Reconfigurable FIR Filter Based on a Novel Window Technique for System on Chip
Authors: Rainy Chaplot, Anurag Paliwal

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PLC and SCADA based Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor
Authors: Ravi Masand, Deepika Jadwani, Abhishek Sahu

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A New Method for Differential Protection in Power Transformer
Authors: Harjit Singh Kainth, Gagandeep Sharma

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Comparative Analysis of Accuracy Prediction using Fuzzy C-Means and KNN Clasiffier
Authors: Anil Kumar Singh, Rajkumar Goel, Pankaj Kumar

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Increasing Efficiency of Transmission Lines by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission Scheme and their Performance at Fault Operation
Authors: Om Prakash, Verma Abhijit, Mandal Amit Goswami

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A Novel Approach for Better OSR in 4th Order Sigma-Delta Modulator using GA
Authors: Apurwa Pandey, Nitin Jain

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An Amend Scheme for BER Performance of WiMAX IEEE 802.16e System
Authors: Priyanka Parihar, Dr. Dilip Sharma, Vijay Chauhan, Rupesh Kumar Dutta

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A Novel Approach for Channel Capacity Estimation of MIMO-OFDM using Water Filling Algorithm
Authors: Suruchi Gour, Ashish Parikh

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Performance Evaluation of Precoded-STBC over Rayleigh Fading Channel using BPSK & QPSK Modulation Schemes
Authors: Radhika Porwal, Prof. Gaurav Gupta

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