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Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Controller (DTNFC) with 3 Level PWM Inverter for Induction Motor
Authors: Utpal Mahitcha, Prof. Shimi S. L, Dr. Chatterji

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Comparative Analysis of MUSIC Algorithm in Smart Antenna
Authors: Tithi Gunjan, Gaurav Chaitanya

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A Review on Channel Capacity Analysis in MIMO-OFDM System
Authors: Suruchi Gour, Ashish Parikh

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High Speed FFT based Audio MORPHING Processor using VHDL
Authors: Navneet Kour Gandhi

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Soft Computing Approach for Optimization of FACTS Devices to Control Transmission Power Losses
Authors: Nilesh Borkar, B. Anjanee Kumar

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Field Oriented Control of PMSM Using Improved Space Vector Modulation Technique
Authors: Yeshwant Joshi, Kapil Parikh, Dr. Vinod Kumar Yadav

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Fault Prediction using Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means with Genetic Algorithm and KNN Classifier
Authors: Anil Kumar Singh, Rajkumar Goel, Pankaj Kumar

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Face Recognition using ICA-PCA and Neural Network
Authors: Nilind Sharma, Prof. Shiv Kumar Dubey

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DWT-Neural Network based Gender Classification
Authors: Pragya Bharti, Dr. C. S. Lamba

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