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MRI Image Segmentation Using Gradient Magnitude Based Fuzzy C Means Clustering In Level Set Method for a Medical Diagnosis System
Authors: Kusumlata Nagore, Prof. Papiya Dutta

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Ultrasonic Low Power Energy Aware Acoustic Data Modem for Underwater Data Communications in Underwater WSN
Authors: Ankur Raj, Savita Shivani, Rahul Kumar

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Content-Based Image Retrieval using Color Moments, Wavelet Moments & SVM Classifier
Authors: Arpit Sameriya, Ms. Bhawana Sharma

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Performance Evaluation of Quality of Service in Proposed Routing Protocol DS-AODV
Authors: Manish Kumar Jha, Mr.Gajanand Sharma, Mr.Ravi Shankar Sharma

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CPLD Implementation of Digital PLL for Maintaining Speed of DC Motor
Authors: Ram Pratap Deora, Vipin Gupta, Sunita Deora

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Efficient VLSI Design & Implementation of Digital PID controller for Classic Temperature Controller
Authors: Sunita Deora, Vipin Gupta, Ram Pratap Deora

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