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Comparative Analysis of Various Selective Video Encryption Techniques
Authors: Dinesh Goyal, Dr. Naveen Hemrajani

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Real Time Data Acquisition & Control System Using Image Processing
Authors: Ramesh Chand Sharma1, Dinesh Goyal, Rahul Kumar

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A Novel Side View Face Authentication System using DWT and Random Forest
Authors: Rahul Yogi, Ashishgoud Purushotham, G. Usha Rani

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A Novel Automatic Red Blood Cell Counting System using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
Authors: Sumeet Chourasiya, G. Usha Rani, Ashishgoud Purushotham

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Comparison of Various n-T SRAM Cell for Improvement of Power, Speed and SNM
Authors: Vikas Singariya, D. K. Mishra

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BER Analysis of Precoded-Alamouti and Precoded-OSTBC with Zero-Forcing and Minimum Mean Square Equalizers
Authors: Shashi Shukla, Saurabh Mitra

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