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A Review on Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Aakash Trivedi, Rupesh Dubey, Rajesh Babu Ahirwar

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An Efficient AXI Read and Write Channel for Memory Interface in System-on-Chip
Authors: Abhinav Tiwari, Jagdish Nagar

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Genetically Optimized Root Raised Cosine Filter in 3G Technology
Authors: Kapil Paliwal, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

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Channel Capacity Estimation in MIMO-OFDM System for different Fading Channels Using Water Filling Algorithm
Authors: Lokesh Ameta, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

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Prediction of Software Fault using GA-FCM and Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Rahul Gupta, Akash Awasthi

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EEG Signal based Sleep Detection using PCA and Neural Network
Authors: Suchi Rawat, Virendra K. Verma

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An Optimised SVD with SFLA & ABC for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Authors: Uma Shankar Ram, Shubham Shrivastav

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