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A Survey on Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Divya Soni, Rupesh Dubey, Nitin Jain, Mrs. Smita Patil

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A Review on Higher Order Statistics on Different Channels in Communication System
Authors: Doyal Rawal, Mrs. Smita Patil, Rupesh Dubey

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Design of Control Interface Module for DDR
Authors: Mayuri Sanwatsarkar and Jagdish Nagar

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Implementation of FPGA based BPSK, QPSK and 8-PSK Modulators using VHDL
Authors: Swati Shilpi, Dr. U. B. S. Chandrawat

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Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor using Fuzzy and Neuro Fuzzy
Authors: Nikita Tiwari, Prof. Ritesh Diwan

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A BIST Architecture based UART Transmitter for Digital Verification
Authors: Ravi Yadav, Lalit Bandil

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PID Tuning for any Plant Model using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy
Authors: Abha Mishra, Ritesh Diwan

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PSO Optimized Software Fault Prediction system using Fuzzy C-Means
Authors: Dazy Arya, Dr. Rajeev Yadav

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PCA, DCT and DWT based Face Recognition System using Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Vaishali W. Parate, Pramod Patel

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