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A Study to Design and Implementation of an 11 Level Inverter with FACTS Capability for Distributed Renewable Energy systems
Authors: Mr. Ritesh Diwan, Divya Patel

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Wearable Corduroy Textile Antenna
Authors: Bivas Roy

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Authors: Sajana M Iqbal, Muhammad Nizar B K

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A Review on Phishing URL Detection using Machine Learning Systems
Authors: Gangeshwari Sharma

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Leaker Detection In Open Network [LDION]
Authors: Remya .G .Nair, Mrs. Jyothis Joseph

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Computer Vision System for Automatic PCB Inspection & Quality Analysis with Auto Rejection
Authors: Surendra Khushwaha, Dinesh Goyal, Rahul kumar

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Radar Image Segmentation using Particle Swarm and Gravitational Search
Authors: Rubbaldeep Kaur, Er. Pooja

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Mobile technology in the Library World: A Study
Authors: Vinod Gupta

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Automatic Clustering of VMs by Their Availability
Authors: K. Reshma, Mr.Suray Bahadur

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Analysis of Vowels for Accent in Isolated Word in Speech Recognition for Oriya Language
Authors: Sanjaya Kumar Dash, Prof. (Dr.) Sanghamitra Mohanty

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Authors: Janet Teresa K. Cyriac, Sreekala P.

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RF and Electromagnetic Field Effects on Body cells
Authors: V. S. Nimbalkar

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Estimation of speed in linear induction motor drive by MRAS using neural network and sliding mode control
Authors: M. Anka Rao, M. Vijaya kumar, O. Yugeswar Reddy

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Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion and its Elimination by Multilevel Inverter
Authors: Nikhil Kumar Sharma, Naveen Kumar Sahu

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A Novel Image Matching Technique using SIFT and SURF
Authors: Preeti Mandle, Vibha Shaligram

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Design & Implementation of AHB Interface for SOC Application
Authors: Sangeeta Mangal, Nakul Mangal, Govind Singh

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A Review on High-Performance Microcontroller Bus Architecture
Authors: Sandhya Sunpal, Prof. Mohammed Arif

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