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Feed-Forward Neural Networks Training: A Comparison Between Two Approaches of Back-Propagation Learning Algorithm
Authors: Belqasem Aljafari

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Literature Survey of 12 Bit Pipe Line Analog to Digital Converter
Authors: Pooja Patel, Prof. Anshul Soni

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A Dielectric Resonator Loaded Fractal Shaped Slot Loop multiband Antenna
Authors: Ranveer Singh, Hasan Babu

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Multi-scale single-channel linear tracking method for segmentation of retinal blood vessels (MSLTA)
Authors: Sumit Tomar

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Optimization of Stable Election Protocol through Genetic Algorithm & Particle Swarm Optimization in clustered wireless sensor network
Authors: Khushboo Pawar

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Comparative Study of Various Power Control algorithms in WCDMA
Authors: Siddhant Soni

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Analysis of Lung Nodule and Classification based on SVM Classifier and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Effective Segmentation
Authors: Smriti kushwaha, P.Maya

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Fabrication & Measurement of Characteristics and Stability of Solar Cell with Black Grapes Grapes Grapes as a Natural Dye
Authors: Gajender Singh, Rahul Kumar, Rahul Sharma

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