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An Improved Approach of UART Implementation in VHDL using Status Register
Authors: Abhay Malviya, Vijay Kumar Sharma

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A Novel Approach of LLR based Relay Selection Algorithm for Cooperative Communication
Authors: Sudheer Shukla, Jaya Dipti Lal, S. V. Charhate

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Performance Comparison of a Software Fault Prediction System using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Approach and a Hybrid Technique (Combination of Fuzzy C-Means and Particle Swarm Optimization)
Authors: Dazy Arya, Mr. Aishwary Kulshrestha

File Name: Daizy+Arya_IJDACR.pdf
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VHDL Implementation of BIST Enabled UART
Authors: Manisha Golia, Asst. Prof. Sunil Shukla, Prof. H. R. Singh

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Multi- Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MCCDMA): A Review
Authors: Prachi Agarwal, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

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Intrusion Detection System based on Particle Swarm Optimized Neural Network
Authors: Priyanka Pawar, Damodar Tiwari

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A Hybrid DWT, PCA and ICA Features for Face Recognition using Neural Network and k-NN Classifiers
Authors: Mohammad Shakir, Manish Saxena

File Name: Shakir_IJDACR.pdf
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Brain Tumor Detection using Level Set Segmentation
Authors: Vaibhav singhai, Mrs. Shraddha Bansal

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RTL Implementation of AXI Interface for Memory Controller
Authors: Dr. K.C. Mahajan, Mukesh K Yadav

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