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A Review of Spam Detection using Machine Learning
Authors: Varsha Malik, Sanjay Kumar

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Energy Efficient Relay Selection & Optimized Power Allocation Scheme in Cooperative Communication Network
Authors: Harshit Vishwakarma, Asst. Prof. Vandana Tripathi

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A Review on Transmission Line Faults Detection
Authors: Manish Khandelwal, Amit Solanki

File Name: Manish_50100-16-155.pdf
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Newton-Raphson Power Flow Models of SVC Optimized by PSO
Authors: Subhash Shankar Zope, Prof. Dr. R. P. Singh

File Name: Subhash_50200-16-121.pdf
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Hybrid Feature Extraction for Character Recognition using Genetically Optimized Neural Network
Authors: Vishal Mourya, Mrs. Aradhana Singh

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