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Optimum Relay Selection in Cooperative Communication
Authors: Yogita Rege, M. Amjad Quazi

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Literature Review of Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Bhagya Shree Bhati, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

File Name: Bhagyashri_IJDACR_50300-16-126.pdf
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Rake Receiver based MC-CDMA Scheme in Rayleigh Fading Channel using Different Equalization Techniques
Authors: Prachi Agarwal, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

File Name: Prachi_IJDACR_50300-16-128.pdf
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A Review of Different Clustering Protocols for WSN
Authors: Namrata Bhagat, Praneeja Kasture

File Name: Namrata_IJDACR_50300-16-125.pdf
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Multiplier-Accumulator (MAC) Unit
Authors: Priyanka Nain, Dr. G. S.Virdi

File Name: Priyanka_50300-16-130.pdf
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Genetically Optimized Neural Network with Lexical Features for Phishing Detection
Authors: Varsha Malik, Sanjay Kumar

File Name: Varsha_50400-16-122.pdf
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