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Performance Analysis of OFDM System in Multipath Fading Environment
Authors: Kratika Gupta, Pratibha Nagaich

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PAPR Reduction using Hybridization of Weighted-OFDM and PTS
Authors: Garima Tare, Mahesh Gaud

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Threshold Determination of SC-FDMA System using Resource Allocation
Authors: Anjali Gupta, Shivangini Maurya

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Performance Evaluation of Alamouti STBC over Rayleigh, Rician and Nakagami Fading Channels
Authors: Vaishalee Kumawat, Pallavi Pahadiya

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Reconfiguration and Capacitor Allocation in Distribution Systems to Reduce Power Losses and Improve Voltage Profiles using Ant lion Algorithm
Authors: Maryam Shokouhi, Shahrokh Shojaeian, Mehri Lotfi

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Authors: Apurva Choudhary, Ms. Shivangini Morya

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