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Comparison of Different Resource Allocation Strategy for Device-to-Device Communication
Authors: Dr. Dilip Sharma, Shiwani Kumawat

File Name: Shiwani_61000-18-107.pdf
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Facial Expression Recognition using LBP, DWT and SVM Classifier
Authors: Kavita Suthar, Komal Paliwal

File Name: Kavita_61100-18-101.pdf
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Genetically Optimized Adaptive Threshold Based Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Neetu Sharma, S. V. Charhate, Preeti Trivedi

File Name: Neetu_61000-18-106.pdf
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Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio for Maximum Probability of Detection using PSO
Authors: Prateeksha Saxena, Professor Praveen Patidar

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