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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System using Template Matching and Euclidian Distance
Authors: Ali Askar K M, Unnikrishnan S Kumar

File Name: Ali_70700-19-104.pdf
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Optimal Cluster Head Election using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Authors: Pratik Gupta, Mrs. Madhvi Singh Bhanwar

File Name: Pratik_70500-18-101.pdf
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Phishing URL Detection using PSO Optimized Support Vector Machine
Authors: Ankit Shrivastava, Dr. Sudhir Agrawal

File Name: Ankit_70900-19-101.pdf
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Double Threshold Based Energy Detection for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Naveen Solanki, Mrs. Madhvi Singh Bhanwar

File Name: Naveen_70900-19-103.pdf
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Fuzzy Logic based Clustering Approach in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Satyaprakash Shikari, Pallavi Pahadiya

File Name: Satyaprakash_70900-19-104.pdf
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Multimodal Biometric Recognition using Gabor Wavelet, Harris Corner and Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Prachi Agarwal, Pankaj Rathi

File Name: Prachi_70900-19-106.pdf
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Improved Denoising using Local Adaptive Real Oriented Dual-Tree Wavelet
Authors: Ayush Kumar, Rupesh Dubey

File Name: Ayush_70900-19-105.pdf
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