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Load Frequency Control of Distributed Generation Systems using Ziegler-Nichols Method
Authors: Pawar Shalikram Motiram, Dr. Subhash Shankar Zope

File Name: Shalikram_70900-19-102.pdf
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Image Transmission through OFDM System using Alamouti-STBC under AWGN, Nakagami and Rayleigh Channels
Authors: Manu Upadhyay, Dr. D. P. Rathod

File Name: Manu_71000-19-101.pdf
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Iris Recognition using Gabor Wavelet, Harris Corner and Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Akram Qureshi, Ajay Saini

File Name: Akram_71000-19-102.pdf
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A Novel Approach for 5 Stage Pipelined RISC Processor
Authors: Suranjit Kosta, Ankit Pandit

File Name: Suranjit_71000-19-104.pdf
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