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A Novel Approach of Credit Card Fraud Detection using Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Anuja Yawar, Shivangi Chouhan, Brijesh Taunk

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Performance of SC-FDMA System with STBC Encoding and TPTS Technique through Rayleigh Fading Channel using BFPFO Algorithm
Authors: Rajni Raghuvanshi, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Ravinder Khanna

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Energy Efficient Fuzzy Logic based Stable Election Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Aney Alfiya Khan, Praveen Patidar

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Stock Market Prediction using PSO Optimized Neural Network
Authors: Suhani Jaiswal, Rishabh Jaiswal

File Name: Suhani_80100-19-106.pdf
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A Theoretical Review on Location and Sizing of Distributed Generation
Authors: Ajit P. Chaudhari, Dr. Girish A. Kulkarni

File Name: Ajit_80100-19-104.pdf
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A Review of Power Loss Minimization in Transmission Lines using Optimization Methods
Authors: Nitin Patil, Dr. Girish A. Kulkarni

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