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A Novel Approach of Relay Selection using AF & DF Relaying Techniques
Authors: Rambhau Gaikwad, Abhishek Verma

File Name: Abhishek_80200-19-102.pdf
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Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data using SVM Classifier
Authors: Kanak Jagwani, Ishi Raghuvanshi, Janhvi Sharma

File Name: Kanak_80200-19-104.pdf
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Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Networks using M-SEP and LEACH
Authors: Shreya Jain, Sandeep Veerwani

File Name: Shreya_80200-19-103.pdf
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A Novel Mathematical Model for Image Retrieval
Authors: Anil Mishra, Tanmay Kasbe

File Name: Anil_80200-19-105.pdf
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Lung Cancer Image Classification system using Random Forest Classifier
Authors: Sudeep Gujar, Laal Singh Chauhan, Nisha Kumawat

File Name: Sudeep_80200-19-106.pdf
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