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Load Prediction using Deep Reinforced Learning
Authors: Prashant Dutta

File Name: Prashant_80300-19-103.pdf
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Study of Radio Resources Allocation in LTE for QoS
Authors: Gajanan Uttam Patil, Dr. Girish Ashok Kulkarni

File Name: Gajanan_80300-19-102.pdf
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Impact of Cognitive Radio in Spectrum Allocation
Authors: Anilkumar Dulichand Vishwakarma, Dr. Girish Ashok Kulkarni

File Name: Anil_80300-19-101.pdf
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Comparative Analysis of LEACH, DEEC and DDEEC
Authors: Sonali Sopan Patil, Prof. Sarang Dagajirao Patil

File Name: Sonali_80300-19-104.pdf
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