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Artificial Bee Colony based FOPID for SMIB System
Abstract: The designing of power transmission network is a difficult task due to the complexity of power system. This complex nature always causes a loss of the stability due to the fault. Whenever a fault is intercepted in the system, the whole system goes to severe transients. These transients cause oscillation in rotor angle which leads poor power quality. The nature of oscillation is increasing instead of being sustained, which leads system failure in form of generator damage. To reduce and eliminate the unstable oscillations one needs to use a stabilizer which can generate a perfect compensatory signal in order to minimize the harmonics generated due to instability. This paper presents a Power System stabilizer to reduce oscillations due to small signal disturbance. Additionally, an approach is proposed using FOPID stabilizer with the PSS connected SMIB. Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) is used for the parameter tuning of the stabilizer.

Authors: Swapna Dewangan, Ritesh Bohra

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An Energy Efficient Fuzzy Logic based Hybrid Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are the collection of several small, battery operated electronic devices known as sensors in order to monitor physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure or humidity. Furthermore, these sensor nodes are usually operated by the battery which is normally not easy to replace. Till now many routing protocols have been proposed for energy efficiency of both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. We propose here a Fuzzy-based hybrid protocol for some nodes to transmit data directly to the base station. The proposed approach is based on fuzzy level information which minimizes the time for the selection of cluster head.

Authors: Anil Anand Patil, Kuntal Barua, Khushboo Sawant

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A Review on Medical Image Compression Techniques
Abstract: The objective of compression is to solve the problems of transmission and archiving of digital data. These problems are related to the very large volume of digital information acquired daily in medical imaging. However, the reduction of this volume should not lead to any changes in the qualitative interpretation of the images and the value of the parameters representing the state of the organ studied. This paper reviews about the available image compression standards

Authors: Sumaiya Ishtiaque, Mohd. Saif Wajid

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Multi-Master Supported Arbiter in AHB System
Abstract: Most of the FPGA features communicate with each other through bus means. Each block is designed for a specific bus. The buses related to this work is the AMBA bus and the Wishbone bus. It works with the master / slave architecture. The AMBA bus is extensively utilized in the system on chip solution for interaction with different peripheral. The proposed work includes the regular AMBA specifications of (1) burst transfer, (2) Several bus masters, (3) single clock edge transition and (4) Split transaction. The data transfer is accomplished by a single bus master at a while. Despite the fact that the arbitration protocol is settled, any arbitration algorithm, for example, fair access or highest priority can be actualized relying upon the application necessities. VHDL code is utilized to develop the design and it is synthesized on Virtex-2 series.

Authors: Sneha Devasthali, Preet Jain

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A Study on Earthquake Resistant Techniques in Buildings
Abstract: Traditional earthquake resistant techniques are effective for mitigating earthquake consequences and are also cost friendly. Apart from these some modern techniques are developed and documented in standard codes.

Authors: Priyanka Choudhary, Hetram Sharma and Sandeep K. Tailor

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