Service overview:

International Journal of Digital Applicaion and Contemporary Research is monthly scholarly international journal. It provides academics research articles publication services to science manuscript who qualify our journal policies. International Journal of Digital Applicaion and Contemporary Research works in almost every field emphasizing on VLSI, Embedded Systems, Computer Science, Communication, Image Processing and Information Technology in every domain of engineering. The journal provides a quality publication of academic research for researchers to present their work on global level.

Editing: paid

Special editing services are provided by the journal for the authors who face problems in writing thesis. The papers of author after reviewing will be sent to editing team. The coordinator will then contact to author via mail or phone no, for further assessment process. If the author is then interested in editing services of the organization, than same will be provided applicable with nominal fees.

Translation: 15 languages

To cover the talent and raise the technology develop across the globe the IJDACR provides its service to journal in 15 different languages accepted internationally.  Also we are extending hands in local languages to cover more crowd. The papers in different language will solely be provided only on order basis. This order can be placed for individual paper in specific language.

Peer review:

It is the free service of the journal. All the papers submitted to journal are checked for plagiarism. If the content is found genuine than the paper is forwarded for peer reviewing. The paper than will be forwarded for further technical and editing checks thoroughly before publishing to the journal. The process of reviewing is done by our editing team. No queries or request for any interference in reviewing by authors will be entertained.


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