Frequently asked questions

Research Paper/Thesis Submission

How to submit the research paper at IJDACR?

Research scholars need to submit the research paper through our online submission tool. After submission of your paper, an email from IJDACR will be send to respective person notifying that your paper has been received and is under process.

How much time to complete reviewing process?

For every submitted research paper, we process a detailed reviewing process by our experts in respective field. Complete process takes 48 hrs. to 8 days depending on number of papers in queue and availability of peer-reviewers.

How about correcting experimental data in my paper that has been published?

In case of correcting experimental data, you need to contact the editor at You can fill IJDACR contact form with your details to get the things done.

What if I didn’t received any notification after 15 days of submission!

May be your email spam filter setting is preventing our email to get delivered in your inbox directly. In that case, you should check your spam filter either. If not this case, we request you to contact us by writing a mail to

What if my research paper has more than 8 pages?

IJDACR allowed research paper publication with maximum of 8 pages. But depending on the merit of researchers, appropriate relaxations could by granted by IJDACR editorial members.

Should I submit the copyright form attached with my manuscript?
You only required to submit your copyright form once you received conformation about publication of your paper.

What are my payment options for journal publication?

You can proceed your payment with online payment gateway available on our website. We have different payment options for indian authors and foreign authors.

Still have questions?

Please e-mail any questions you may have to our Customer Service department, at

If I submit content to Digital Journal, who owns it?

You maintain ownership of any of your original content published on By publishing your content on, you grant us a license to use your material. Please see the Terms of Use for more information.

What kinds of manuscripts does IJDACR consider?

IJDACR considers all the papers in any field which are written on engineering and scieence.

How fast can IJDACR evaluate my manuscript?

Ijdacr is committed to speedy evaluation of manuscripts. For most papers, reviewers are asked to return comments within one weeks. Papers that call for particularly rapid assessment, owing to competition or other factors, can often be reviewed within 48 hours or less. Most papers are published within two weeks of initial submission.

Will my manuscript remain confidential?

Yes. IJDACR treats all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents. IJDACR also instructs and expects our Board of Reviewing Editors and reviewers to treat manuscripts as confidential material. Our peer review process is also confidential, and identities of reviewers are not released. (Letters and technical Comments are sent to the authors of papers on which they comment for response or rebuttal, but otherwise are treated in the same way as other contributions with respect to confidentiality.)

Is IJDACR an American Journal?

IJDACR is not just an American journal. We view science as a global enterprise and want to publish the best papers in science, from all countries and regions. We welcome submissions from non-U.S. authors, and more than half of our accepted papers have non-U.S. authors.

We do not consider manuscripts that have been previously published elsewhere. Posting of a paper on the Internet may be considered prior publication that could compromise the originality of the IJDACR submission, although we do allow posting on not-for-profit preprint servers in many cases. Please contact the editors for advice about specific cases

How do I prepare a manuscript for IJDACR?

The guidelines differ for initial submission of a manuscript and for resubmission of a revised manuscript after peer review. To see the details, see our instructions for manuscript preparation.

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