Research paper publication guidelines for authors

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IJDACR editorial staff is willing to assist students from every branch of Engineering and Science. IJDACR is one of the top indexed journal in its category. Once you publish your research with IJDACR, your paper will get high citation and indexing across most of online libraries. The cost of publication may be reduced or waived, if your library or department has already subscribed the International IJDACR journal.


Online submission and review of manuscripts is mandatory for all types of papers. Please prepare your manuscript following the instructions for authors given below before submitting it online at Manuscript preparation guidelines If submission is completed successfully, a manuscript ID will appear on screen and an e-mail acknowledgement will follow. All correspondence should be routed via the Assistant Editor, at



  1. Research Papers Publication:
  2. Thesis Publication
  3. Survey Papers PublicationF
  4. Review Papers Publication
  5. Case Studies Publication



The manuscripts to be accepted are needed to be formatted strictly according the international guidelines of documentation. The reviewing team in editing department will thoroughly study the documents. The documents will then be considered for further action. To avoid any sort of confusion it is advisable for authors to get their papers checked by an internationally recognized editing service. For preparation of manuscripts please follow manuscript preparation guidelines.


Pre-submission enquiries

Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we are unfortunately unable to provide pre-submission feedback. If you are unsure whether your paper falls within the journal’s scope, we advise you to submit your paper to the journal via our online submission site. This will be the quickest way to obtain feedback from the editors. All papers submitted to the Journal undergo an initial assessment to check whether the paper is in scope. If the editors judge the paper to be more appropriate for a journal with a different scope, they will send a letter with that advice quite quickly.


Review procedure

The papers being published in this journal satisfies the international guidelines in every aspect. To maintain standards it is mandatory for us to review the journals in every category. The journals will follow in peer, technical, editing and publication stages of reviewing. To view the editorial board, please check our Editorial Board.

Authors are noted that no contacts with our editors by any means will be allowed. Please follow contact us to submit your queries. If the author is found involved in any illegal activity, legal actions will be taken against them. To know more please refer to terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Privacy and policy

IJDACR follows policy very strictly. It is advisable for authors to accept the policy rules before submitting their articles. Any cases found against this are liable to be judged by Privacy and policy rules and regulations.

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