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De-noising of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Filter-A Review
Abstract: Noise is the factor which degrades the quality of ECG signal. Removing noises from ECG is complicated due to time varying nature and subject of wide research. The ECG signal is the graphical representation of the bioelectrical and biomechanical activities of the cardiac system, which is useful in diagnosing and analyzing heart diseases. Artifacts mask and degrades the quality and features of ECG signal.

Authors: Pallavi Kunjekar, Khemraj Desmukh

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A Novel Arbitration Technique of AMBA AHB
Abstract: Resolution is a big issue in SOC (System on Chip) while dealing with number of master trying to sense a single data bus. The effectiveness of a system to resolve this priority resides in its ability to logical assignment of the chance to transmit data width of the data, response to the interrupts etc. The purpose of this paper is to propose the scheme to implement such a system using the specification of AMBA bust protocol. The scheme involves the typical AMBA features of ‘single clock edge transition’, ‘Split transaction’, ‘several bus masters’ and ‘burst transfer’. The bus arbiter ensures that only one bus master at a time is allowed to initiate data transfers.

Authors: Pallavi Kumari Gautam, Naveen Upadhyay

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Brain Tumor Detection of MRI Image using Level Set Segmentation and Morphological Operations
Abstract: In medical image investigation, one of the essential problems is segmentation of structural sections. In this paper we present a new concept of tumor detection and also validated segmentation of 2D MRI Data. This method on the appropriate setting of parameters can segment the tumor. This method unlike others does not require any initialization

Authors: Swati Dubey, Lakhwinder Kaur

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Series Active Power Filter For Three Phase Diode Rectifier
Abstract: Active Power filter is used to improve the power quality, We introduced a series active power filter (SAPF) which compensate the supply voltage and power quality issues. This paper deals with the series active power filter which used to eliminate voltage sag and swell and compensate for harmonic current and voltage. Current harmonics are caused by non-linear loads, such as a rectifier, is connected to the system, it draws a current that is non-sinusoidal. The simulation analysis is to reduce the harmonic in the output voltage. The proposed filters can improve the distortion of a nonlinear loads power.

Authors: Pramod Banjare, Mr. Dushyant Singh

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Improved Fuzzy C Means Clustering For Complete Blood Cell Segmentation

Authors: Neha Vyas, Mrs. Megha Singh

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Optimization of Stable Election Protocol through Genetic Algorithm & Particle Swarm Optimization in clustered wireless sensor network

Authors: Khushboo Pawar

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Comparative Study of Various Power Control algorithms in WCDMA
Abstract: Power control is an essential radio resource management method in CDMA cellular communication systems, where co-channel and adjacent-channel interferences are the primary capacity limiting factors. Power control intends to control the transmission power levels in such a way that required quality of service for the users is guaranteed with lowest possible transmission powers. This paper presents a comparative study between the power control algorithms.

Authors: Sandeep Solanki, Sumit Tomar, Siddhant Soni

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Truck Trailer Backer Upper Parking with Genetic Algorithm
Abstract: This paper presents an approach to solve trucktrailer backer upper problem using Genetic algorithm. The results are compared with fuzzy-logic approach.

Authors: Lalit Shrivastava, Shubham Singhal

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Efficient BIST architecture for combinational and sequential faulty circuits
Abstract: Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) has made an extraordinary effect on the development of integrated circuit technology. It has not only decreased the dimension and the price but also improved the complexness of the circuits. There are, however, prospective issues which may slow down the efficient use and development of upcoming VLSI technology.

Authors: Ankita Tripathi, A.P RAO,

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Fabrication & Measurement of Characteristics and Stability of Solar Cell with Pomegranate
Abstract: Dye sensitized solar cells are gaining importance due to their low cost. Further the use of natural pigments as sensitizing dye for the conversion of solar energy to electricity is interesting because on one hand it enhances the economical aspect and on the other it has significant benefits from environmental point of view.

Authors: Gajender Singh, Dr. Y.B.Mathur, Rahul Kumar

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