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Performance Evaluation of Spectrum Sensing and Cooperative Communication in AF & DF using ZF & MMSE Equalizers
Abstract: Spectrum is a scarce resource and its optimal utilization is guaranteed by cognitive radio technology. In cognitive radio networks, unlicensed users continuously monitor the available spectrum for white spaces by spectrum sensing algorithm. The performance of spectrum sensing is characterized by both accuracy and efficiency. Currently, substantial research effort has been made on improving the sensing accuracy. Several exemplary techniques include energy detectors, feature detectors, and cooperative sensing.

Authors: Arun Kumar, Sandeep Singh Bhadoriya

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Constant Current Charging a Battery by using Proportional Controller
Abstract: The charging method, in general, is the process that dictates the method by which energy would be returned to the battery. If the energy is not returned to the battery in a way that it is appropriate with the chemistry, the recharge can cause harm effects on the battery. There are several standard charging methods. As a matter of fact, constant current charging is the simplest method of charging employing single low-level current to the discharged battery.

Authors: Belqasem Aljafari

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Abstract: In view of increasing eminence of commercial, economic and Internet-based applications that process data in decimal arrangement, Synthesis results for 2, 4, 8, and 12 operands and 8 decimal digits provide useful statistic in determining each adder’s performance and scalability. There is a renewed interest in providing hardware support to handle decimal data. In this paper, a new architecture decimal addition of binary coded decimal (BCD) operands, which is the main design part of high speed low power multi operand binary adder are compared. Based on this add-3 digit BCD adder new architectures for higher order (n-digit) BCD adders such as ripple carry adder are developed.

Authors: Devendra Kumar Verma, Vikas Kumar Mishra

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Comparative Study on a comparison in packet drop among the reactive (on-demand) protocols of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) using Qualnet
Abstract: This review paper proposes a comparison in packet drop among the reactive (on-demand) protocols of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) which includes Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol (AODV), Dynamic source routing protocol (DSR), and Location aided routing protocol (LAR) in Qualnet 6.1. Various parameters like number of nodes, packet drop probability, data packets etc. are included for comparison.

Authors: Mayank Kalavatia, Lokesh Sharma, Rahul Kumar Singh

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Facial Expression Identification using PCA and Random Forest Classifier
Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to analyze the method of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and its performance when applied to face recognition. In previous work [10], they use Euclidian Distance for recognition. Here we use Random Forest Classifier which has much higher recognition accuracy than other methods.

Authors: Ruchita Yadav, Mukti Awad Ghorpade

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Intrusion Detection using ABC optimized Neural Network
Abstract: The primary aim of intrusion detection is to detect attacks against a computer system. It is an important technology in business sector as well as an active area of research. In Information Security, intrusion detection is the act of detecting actions that attempt to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource. It plays a very important role in attack detection, security check and network inspection. This paper presents the performance of Neural Network for various values of number of clusters, based on experiments. The optimization of output is done using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm by selecting initial through ABC.

Authors: Vaishali Anwekar, Khushboo Pawar

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A Review on Relay Selection Techniques in Cooperative Communication
Abstract: Interest for high data rates is expanding quickly for the future wireless generations, because of the prerequisite of universal coverage for wireless broadband services. More base stations are expected to convey these services, keeping in mind the end goal to adapt to the expanded limit request and intrinsic unreliable nature of remote medium. Moreover, this would straightforwardly compare to very high basis expense and energy utilization in cellular systems.

Authors: Sudheer Shukla, Jaya Dipti Lal, S. V Charhate

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