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Grey Wolf Optimized SVD based Spectrum Sensing

Authors: Deepika Sharma, Pankaj Rathi

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Enhancing Performance of Block Diagonalization Precoding in Multi User MIMO Downlink using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Abstract: The rapid development in the field of mobile telephony and the integration of new services, especially multi-media, opened the door for the development of new technologies that will be able to meet and satisfy these needs. It has been clearly established that the introduction of MIMO technology can increase throughput and improve quality through the two main techniques: spatial multiplexing and transmission diversity. On the user side there are two main modes which are: single user (SU) and multi-user (MU). The present work develops one of the many existing solutions to mitigate the co-channel interference present in a Cellular System, which uses multi-user MIMO (multiple inputs) technology, in order to increase the capacity of the system at the expense of signal processing in the transmitter. This paper presents Cuckoo Search (CS) optimized Block Diagonalization precoding for multi-user MIMO system to reduce the error rate in the system.

Authors: Sakshi Agarwal, Pankaj Rathi

File Name: Sakshi_61000-18-105.pdf
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Medical Image Denoising Using Improved Fuzzy Based Approach
Abstract: Digital image gets corrupted due to unlimited and number of unrecognized sources. The denoising of image in algorithmic approaches uses a sliding window that first detects the noisy or corrupted pixel and denoises by comparing with the nearby pixels of same window. The limitations of conventional filters for image denoising and their not-so-efficient accuracy are some major flaws that seek attention. In this paper, the improved fuzzy logic is implemented for image filtering. The medical images are sourced for experimentation and the design is tested on three noises i.e. Poisson, Gaussian and salt & pepper noises. Four parameters are selected to evaluate the performance of proposed system (PSNR, SSIM, IQI and IEF). Proposed algorithm works well with salt & pepper and poisson noises. As noise density increases the performance of system is much better compared to performance of traditional median filter

Authors: Anil Mishra

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Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) Optimized Clustering Probability Approach for Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Avantika Goyal, Praveen Patidar

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check the flow
Abstract: check the flow check the flow check the flow

Authors: asfsa,safsaf,asfasf

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