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A Multimodal Biometric Identification Approach using Machine Learning
Abstract: Unimodal biometric systems have been in existence for some years, but are rather adapted to an average level of security. In fact, the higher the level of security, the more one will tend towards the use of multimodal systems, more efficient and safer. This paper develops an approach of multimodal biometric identification system from the fusion of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) features of the face and fingerprint images along with the Gabor wavelet and wavelet moment features of Iris image and performing the results with Random Forest Classifier. Performance evaluation is done using a confusion matrix plot with sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy.

Authors: Keshav Kumar Joshi, Ankita Bhargava, Dr. Prashant Sharma

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Machine Learning-based Lung Cancer Image Classification using GLCM and LBP Features
Abstract: Most of the models for lung cancer classification based on lung cancer images are various types of the classification model with binarization image pre-processing. This research work proposes a method based on random forest classifier for lung cancer image classification from the given database images. Feature extraction of the image is accomplished using LBP (Local Binary Pattern) and GLCM (Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix). Then the extracted features are classified by the Random forest classifier. This work provides the confusion matrix with sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy for LBP, GLCM, and Hybrid (LBP+GLCM) based approaches.

Authors: Jaydeep Trivedi, Ankita Bhargava, Dr. Prashant Sharma

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