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GWO Optimized Block Diagonalization in Multi-User MIMO System
Abstract: This paper presents Block Diagonalization and Grey Wolf Optimized Block Diagonalization precoding for a multi-user MIMO system to reduce the error rate in the system. Both the method reduces the error probability efficiently as shown in results, to enhance the performance of the system. The optimization of the Block Diagonalization process using Grey Wolf Optimization is proposed in this paper and the results are showing that the proposed technique significantly improves the performance of the Block Diagonalization method.

Authors: Snehlata Verma, Dr. Anurag Paliwal

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Rainfall Prediction System using PCA and Cultural Algorithm Optimized Neural Network Classifier
Abstract: Climatic forecasting of the rainfall field is a key aspect of meteorology. Rainfall is a variable associated with natural disasters (droughts and floods) and agricultural crops, with impacts on the tourism and transport sectors. However, this meteorological variable is difficult to predict, due to the great temporal and spatial variability (discontinuous variable). This paper uses Probability Density Function (PDF) followed by the min-max normalization for the pre-processing of the Kaggle Indian Rainfall Dataset. The selection of attributes is achieved by Principal Component Analysis (PCA) followed by the classification using Cultural Algorithm Optimized Neural Network Classifier.

Authors: Shahista Navaz, Dr. S. M. Ghosh

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